How do u want to spend eternity: Smoking or non-smoking? Join us this Sunday!

I'm New Here

Guest or visitor today? Let's get acquainted!

We're glad you're here!

Welcome to SouthGate Church, where you are only a visitor once! No matter your background or current situation, we want you to know that this is a safe place, you are among friends that you just haven't met yet and God loves you more than you can imagine!

The Church is much more than a building we meet in on Sundays. The Church is God's family and you are valued and appreciated here.

If you're ready to take the next step in connecting with our church family, please fill out the Guest/Visitor card below and let us know a little bit about yourself and your family. Be sure to check in at our Welcome Center following service and pick up your 1st time guest gift!

If this is you're 2nd or 3rd time at SouthGate, we'd like to know that as well. Just fill out the form, check the 2nd or 3rd time box stop by our Welcome Center - we have a gift we'd like to give you.

"Everyone is warm and welcoming. It is a small church but everyone has a big heart. Pastors Andrew and Isaac have a gift for sharing Jesus’ word in a meaningful and inspirational way. If you are looking for a new Church I highly recommend Southgate Church!"

Maria Shuttleworth

"Great church, very welcoming and friendly. This church is like no other."

Marlene Mars

"This ministry changed my life in such a radical positive way!!! Forever grateful!!!"

Mischelle Lawson