WE ARE LIVE!!! We have resumed live worship services this with some restrictions. Click here for more info

We're Still Here For You!

Due to the Coronavirus we have suspended our Sunday services but we will still be streaming live!

We Are Still Here For You!

With the spread of coronavirus, our church leadership team wants you to know that we are apprised of and carefully monitoring the situation. The first and foremost concern we have is for the well-being of our church family and we are committed to taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure the health and safety of everyone who attends SouthGate.


With this in mind and in light of our current federal and state COVID-19 guidelines, our church leadership has decided to suspend our Sunday morning worship services and other onsite and group activities for the time being. We will continue to livestream our 10:30 service on Youtube and Facebook Live. You can access these livestreams on our church website by clicking the Livestream card (the audio & video quality is a little better on the Youtube stream). You can also access the message notes for each week by clicking the Sunday Message Notes card.


If you need to contact us during this time you can use the Contact Us card on the church website or call the church office at 602-243-1900


For prayer needs please use the Prayer Requests card on the website

Online Resource To Help You And Your Family Continue To Grow

With church services suspended for the foreseeable future, its more important than ever that we take advantage of resources that we can use at home to ensure that we and our families continue to grow in our faith and our ability to effectively serve God and His kingdom.

As a church we want to do every thing we can to assist you in that. That is why we have invested in a subscription to Rightnow Media. This resource will make available to you literally thousands of Bible studies and videos for adults, youth, children, families and a whole lot more - absolutely free - SouthGate Church is picking up the tab!

If you'd like learn more or set up your own Rightnow Media account, just click the button below

Can We Help you?

If you are elderly or have health issues that prevent you from leaving home during this time and you need assistance with shopping or anything else, we are here for you!

If that's you and you live on the west side you can contact Josh Fitzwater at 301-616-9471. If you live on the east side and need help please call Tina Showalter at 951-704-6302.

We Need Your Continued Support

One of the few things that aren't taking time off in the light of this pandemic are our financial obligations. It isn't any different with SouthGate Church. We still have the same bills that need to be paid each month as well as our financial commitments to the ministries we support.

As the old saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind." Because of the fact that we won't be meeting Sundays for a while, it would be very easy to forget to tithe or give as you normally would. A suggestion we would make that might be helpful to you in regards to this would be to create an online giving account with us and set it up for recurring giving - you'll never forget to give again :)

Whether you do the recurring giving thing or not, online giving is the best way to continue to financially support SouthGate during this difficult time and it's super easy. Just click on the "Giving" card on our website, set up your account and give - easy peasy! You can designate your gift to go to any ministry area you'd like or don't make a designation at all and the money will go into our general fund. If you're not on board with the whole online giving thing, there's normally someone in the church or school office Tues - Fri from 9 a.m-12p.m. - you can drop your offering off here.

Either way, thank you for your generous support and obedience to the Lord!

"Where your treasure is, there your heart will be as well." Matt. 6:21

Additional Resources To Help You Stay Informed

Worldometer (real time stats on the Coronavirus) -  https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/


Up to date Coronavirus news - https://www.coronavirusnow.com/


Arizona Dept. of Health Services - azdhs.gov/preparedness


Center For Disease Control and Prevention - cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov


More tips form he Word Health Organization -